LG just teased a T-shaped smartphone, to be launched on September 14

LG has always tried to bring smartphones into the market with unique features or a phone that is equipped with most of the modern smartphone features available. In the same effort, the company has introduced a new kind of smartphone to the public, which is in T-shape. The phone is called the Wing smartphone has two separate displays, out of which one can swivel 90 degrees horizontally and reveal a T shape form factor. It is one of the most unique and exciting designs from LG and they have now revealed the launch date to be September 14 at 11 PM KST time (2 PM UTC). 

YouTube video

The company has released a small teaser video of the smartphone, unveiling the time and date of launch. LG has also made an announcement regarding the partnership with Qualcomm, search engine Naver and streaming platforms Tubi and Ficto, which will be a part of the feature list that will be coming in their future phones. The LG Wing is expected to come with specs like a 6.8-inch main screen along with a 4-inch secondary screen. The phone is expected to be powered with a Snapdragon 765G chipset and will have a 64 MP camera setup.

The phone is expected to range anywhere to $1000. This type of experiment from LG could really turn out to be in favor of the company as LG has been trying to do unique experimentation with their phones in the past as well. More details and features regarding the phone will be released on September 14.


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