Google is soon coming up with a phone backup tool for iOS

Google has been integrating a lot of cloud technology features into its android operating system. It is why they added automatic android backup to Google one last year. They also offered the membership program that included cloud storage on Google drive, family sharing, and many more features. By integrating these services with Android, the user got more reliability from Android phones as automatic backups would always keep their phone data safe. Google has now come up with a new announcement for both Android and iOS users. 

The iOS users will be getting the same set of Google backup services, and it will be completely free for both the Android and iOS users from now on. The free users will be getting 15GB of drive storage shared between different Google services like Gmail, Photos, and phone backups. For iOS users, they can download the Google One app and use it to back up their phone’s data. Although 15GB is less to take a device’s backup, you can always expand the storage by paying an extra amount. When it comes to iOS users, Apple also provides them with 5GB of free iCloud storage, and one has to pay more for any extra storage requirements. 

However, Google backup services and storage seem to come at a very cheap rate compared to Apple. A user can purchase Google one membership for $2 and get 100GB of space, shared with five family members. Additionally, you have customer support and various other features to try out. Having a second backup plan is always a good idea, and especially if you are getting it from a company like Google. Google expects a lot of iOS users to enroll for their services after it is made available for iOS users in the future.


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