LG’s new rollable screen smartphone appears in South Korea’s Carrier database

Ever since Oppo has showcased their beta unit of smartphones with the rollable screen, we have noticed a lot of new patents for smartphones and laptops with the rollable screen technology as well. One of the most prominent companies among them was LG which recently patented rollable laptops and screen technology. The last quarter of 2020 has seen some really interesting concepts to bring a new series of designs for premium smartphones. 

While all the smartphone companies are currently focusing on bringing 5G technology to their smartphone lineup, LG is preparing to roll out a final version of the smartphone with a rollable screen. It seems that LG is now focusing more on innovation and bringing in new technology rather than improving on the existing one. The company has already explored the rollable display segment with a rollable screen TV and is currently working on “B Project“. It is expected that LG will be announcing their first-ever rollable screen phone in the first quarter of 2021 and the news was confirmed by a leakster on Twitter called CozyPlanes and the new phones come with a model number LM-RN910N. 

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The phone model number has been recently registered in the Korean operator’s internal database. Another unlocked variant for the same phone comes with the model number OMD-LM-R910N. As per the sources, the rollable screen phone will give a 7.4-inch expandable screen and will provide 2,428 x 1,600 pixels resolution. It will be powered using the new Snapdragon 888 and will come close to a price tag of $2000. The phone will expand the screen on both sides with a fixed top frame. We can soon see companies like Samsung and TCL joining the category in the future.


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