LinkedIn to add a whole new set of features to its platforms like Short stories, video calls, and more.

LinkedIn is all set to add a whole set of new features to its platform and it is something that will definitely benefit the users who use LinkedIn as one of their primary platforms for professional social networking. As per the new features that have been announced by LinkedIn, the users will now be able to add stories to the profile and would also be able to access Video call integration that would allow them to interact with other users directly. Users can now also boost their search experiences to get more accurate results. 

The new features are not global yet and have only been launched in a few countries to make them better with user feedback. Slowly the list of features will be added to the LinkedIn platform on a global scale. The new list of features will make LinkedIn a better social networking platform for professionals which would not only improve the communication between them and allow them to connect in a much better way. The new video call facility will allow connections to video call one another via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or BlueJeans. The users will also be able to shift from normal chats to video calls seamlessly and they will get an icon for video calling in the chat windows, which is very common in most of the video calling apps. 

Another major part of the update is the LinkedIn Stores, which allow users to share and upload on what’s happening in their life, similar to social networking sites. The stories will remain live on their profile for 24 hours. Also, users can now upload images and a short 20-second video in their profile. The feature will initially roll out in the US, Australia, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Canada, and UAE and later to the global markets in the coming months.

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