MacBook Pro 2021 users are facing issues while using an SD card on the machine

The new version of MacBook Pro 2021 has already been launched by Apple a few weeks back and users have started facing minor bugs while using it. As per the reports that have surfaced online, users are facing issues while using the SD cards on their machines. The users claim that the SD cards are not detected sometimes, and when detected, the transfer speeds are very slow. The issue is common among both 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

The SD card support made a comeback in this year’s MacBook Pro and was one of the highlighted features. It was basically aimed at photographers and videographers to directly transfer the files from the device to the laptop using the SD card. As per the report, the number of users facing the issue is large and continues to grow. The users are also facing issues where the window crashes or they are unable to mount the card in the slot.

The users have also tried using SD cards from multiple brands but the issue remains the same. Users have also reported error messages when they were trying to mount the SD card and have claimed that even formatting the SD card does not work. The issue has been reported to Apple, but the company has not responded to it yet. There is currently no timeline as to when the issue will be resolved. For now, the users are requested to use external card readers for the time being.


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