Apple Macbook Pros and Air will come with a lot of new changes this year

There has been a lot of leaks and news about the upcoming MacBook Pros this year. Some of the almost confirmed details include the absence of a touch bar, new M1X processor, mingled screens, and a lot more. However, these are not the only things that will be changed in the new series of MacBook Pros. In fact, we can expect a lot more additions to the new model. Similar is the case for Macbook Air, as the new version will be coming with a new design element and a lot of new changes.

We all know that Apple is changing the design of all their products, which is actually based on the new iPhone 12 design, with sharp edges and a more geometrical look. Similar will be the case with Macbook Air and Pros as well. The new Air will be a lot thinner and sleeker when compared to the previous generation and will also come with a much larger trackpad. Similarly, the Macbook Air will also come with the new miniLED display that will also be replaced on most Apple devices.

The new miniLED display will not only improve the display but will also reduce power consumption. While MacBook Air might come with the Mu processor, the Macbook Pros will come with a new M1X processor which will be a lot more powerful and resource-efficient. It has also been said that the new Macbook Pro will come in a new 14 and 16-inch model as well. There are no confirmed dates of launch right now, but Macbook Pros will be the first to launch this year.


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