New Macbook Pros 14 and 16-inch manufacturing to start this quarter

A few weeks back, rumors were that Apple is planning to release a new Macbook Pro variant this year with new dimensions of 14 and 16 inches display. However, due to the shortage in supply of multiple components, there was no confirmation of when the manufacturing for them will start. During this time, Apple has been trying to contact different suppliers and manufacturers to make sure that they are able to compensate for the shortfall in component supply. 

Now, it has been confirmed that Apple will try to start manufacturing new Macbooks this quarter. It will also include the new 14 and 16 inches MacBook Pro lineup. The main component which was short in supply and coming for the first time in Macbook Pro was the mini LED display. It seems that the company will add the mini LED display and will use their powerful chipset in the new version of the machine. It does not necessarily mean that the company could be launching the new series of Macbook this year. 

YouTube video

They can delay the launch of the new series until early next year as well. Apple would be having an event in September or October, but it would most probably be for the new iPhone 13, and for the Macbooks, they are expected to have an entirely different event. Apple can use the M1 chipset in the new Macbook pros as the M1 chipset has already gone into mass production. 


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