Mi launches a new Mi KN95 mask with more than 95% filtration for bacteria and fine particles.

During the pandemic, many companies have launched a lot of healthcare products that would help the users to keep their health in better shape. Now Xiaomi has launched the new Mi KN95 masks in India which would offer more than 95% bacterial and particle filtration. The mask was launched on October 13 and aimed at consumers amid the growing health concerns in the Pandemic situation. The mask has been offered to those who are looking for better protection in the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

The mask comes with advanced protection layers which makes it possible for it to filter almost all types of bacteria and particles. There are four different layers of protection that have been fabricated. The fabrication allows for optimal breathing and great protection at the same time. The two layers of melt-blown fabric in the mask helps in filtering bacteria and small particles. With 95 percent + Bacterial Filter Efficiency (BFE), it prevents any particle from entering the mask, which is between the size of 1-5 microns. 

The bacterial filter prevents entry of any nonviable particles that are between 0.1 microns to 1 micron in size. The texture of the mask has been created in such a way that it remains soft and comfortable for the wearer for a long time as well. The Mi KN95 masks are 153.9 Pa while the Expiratory Resistance is 137.9 Pa. It also has a nose pin for a better grip and to prevent leakage. The pack of two masks has been priced at Rs 250 and a pack of six masks has been priced at Rs 600. It will be available through Mi.com, Mi Homes, and select retail stores.

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