Microsoft to focus on building Cloud Native games for cloud gaming services

When it comes to Cloud gaming, Google was one of the first companies that assured users that they are working on creating games developed especially for the cloud. Since the most popular companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and others are already exploring and offering cloud-based gaming services, the announcement brought a lot of excitement. However, Google is reportedly no longer working on the same but Microsoft seems to have picked up where Google left. 

Microsoft has recently hired Former Google Stadia design director Kim Swift, who has also been responsible for the most popular Valve game Portal. She will be building a team that will work only on cloud-based native games and making the overall gaming experience on the cloud much better. Since she has already worked on multiple games development in Google Stadia, her experience is going to provide a lot of advantages to the Microsoft platform. Her basic role will be to build a team that will solely work on building cloud-based games. 

Currently, the games on the cloud platform are not cloud-native and require a lot of resources to run on the mobile device, including average graphics. However, with cloud-native games, the loading time of the games will reduce drastically and will lead to much better performance on the device as well. Microsoft has also announced that they will be upgrading their xCloud servers to Xbox Series X hardware, which shows how serious Microsoft is when it comes to the future of cloud gaming. 


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