Microsoft ending Cortana support for Mobile, Invoke and Surface Headphones

Cortana has been a major part of the Microsoft AI program, where they have been consistently working on making it one of the best AI assistants on Microsoft devices. However, a recent document from Microsoft has released that they are about to end Cortana’s support on mobile, Invoke smart speakers, and Surface Headphones. The decision to remove Cortana from these devices results from the bigger picture, as said by Microsoft officials.

The Company has been trying to evolve Cortana into something much more than just an AI assistant and is looking for more innovation areas that can be added. To create a better version of Cortana in the future, they remove it from the mentioned platform. The support for Cortana is supposed to end in early 2021.

The Company will also be ending support for third party Cortana skills on September 7. The Company is also closing the Invoke feature’s support after the last update, which will be provided after six months. The same will also be done for Surface headphone owners. The customers who are still using these devices will be eligible for a $50 credit.

The Company has mentioned that they do not want to limit Cortana in the environment of AI assistants. Instead, it is looking out for many other ways through which Cortana can be of great help to the users. It is why Cortana will now support more of the basic features like integration with outlook, providing better expertise on OS, etc.


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