Microsoft Launcher gets new updates and brings new features for Surface Duo

Microsoft has been making a lot of new changes to how the Android operating system provides a good user interface to the users, and in the same trend, they have introduced a new update for Microsoft Launcher. The new update does aim to fix a lot of bugs and also optimize the launcher’s performance. The new update also has some new capabilities and features for the company’s dual-screen device, the Surface Duo. The new Microsoft Launcher version is 6.2.201102.92686 and is already available for download on the Google Play Store for the supported devices. 

The updates bring new features like screen time support for Surface Dup and keyword search in Office Apps, multi-touch app icon repositioning, and a lot more. It also provides an overview of the single screen and adds more improvements to the feed page to load in landscape and concurrently with another app. Other optimizations in the update are an improvement on app group creation flow via context menu and multi-touch of app icon repositioning supported on the home screen. 

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It will now also support keyword search in the Office apps and has also improved the spacing between the icons in the app drawer to make it look a lot cleaner. The update has been able to acknowledge almost all the previous bugs that were noticed with an app drawer, app icons size, and folder swipe up gesture. If you are facing any of these issues with the Microsoft Launcher, they should immediately download the new update and install it.

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