Microsoft adds a new voice to the text transcribe feature on the web version of Microsoft Word.

After Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft Office tools online to counter the service like Google Docs and Sheets, the company is all set to add new features to the platform. As per the announcement from the tech giant, the Microsoft Word online version on the web will get a feature of studio transcription where the recorded conversation and ongoing conversation can be transcribed into text in real-time. The feature will be using the Azure Cognitive Services to make sure that the transcription is done properly without any errors. The features will also be able to detect multiple speakers and provide time-stamped audio to the user. 

The feature is very useful for professionals in which they can easily make a transcription about their professional meetings. The feature can also be useful in the cases of interviews and formal meetings. Not only professionals, but the feature is very useful in the current environment of a pandemic where students are attending online classes. The entire audio lecture could easily be transcribed into text and it will help the students to cover topics they have missed. The feature will be available to all users for free who already have Microsoft 365 and currently using Microsoft Word through Microsoft Edge or Chrome browser. 

The company has already made clear that the same feature will also be launched to Android and iOS next year. The sidebar on the platform will allow the users to upload an audio file in WAV, MP4, or MP3 format and or record a live conversation to transcribe it into text. Once the text has been transcribed, it can directly be added to the Word Document. Initially, the process will only work with Word in English (EN-US), but as per the success of the tool, the company does not reject the possibility of adding more languages to this tool. 

Apart from that, the company has also added a Dictate feature on the web version of Google Docs, which enables the user to speak and convert the voice into text on the document,


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