Microsoft sending DMCA notice to websites sharing Windows 11 ISO file

Microsoft is all set to unveil the Windows 11 operating system in their online event. However, just before that could happen, the internet is flooding with Windows 11 ISO which provides the hands-on look of the operating system before the official reveal. Now, the news is coming in that Microsoft is sending a DMCA takedown notice to all the websites on the internet which are sharing the ISO file for the operating system. The notice will be issued to anyone who is sharing a leaked copy of the unreleased Windows 11. 

Microsoft Japan has also issued a DMCA notice to Google, which focuses on the website Beebom for sharing the illegal copy of the OS. The notice complains that the operating system is copyrighted to Microsoft and should be removed from the Google Search list at once. It was earlier expected that the leaked ISO file is fake or does not provide the real experience of Windows 11. However, after the notice filed by Microsoft, it has become clear that it was in fact the real Windows 11 ISO file and it will be officially called Windows 11. 

The file has already been shared on multiple websites and torrent websites as well. As per what has been observed in the leaks, most of the design element of Windows 11 has been taken by Windows 10 and does not have a lot of difference. However, more details about it will be unveiled after the official reveal by Microsoft. Microsoft will begin the event at 11 AM on their official social handles.


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