Microsoft Windows 10 UI update will have rounded corners as per leaked images.

Microsoft has been working on the new UI structure for windows operating system for a long time now and there have been many leaks and rumors about the new look. However, a recently leaked image of what can be the new operating system from Windows, shows that the company will be designing a more rounded look for windows than sharp edges. Microsoft has been bringing more Windows 10 development teams under Panos Panay, the head of the successful Surface lineup. 

As per experts the new design and UI changes in Windows OS could bring in a lot of good changes in the way people work on it. What we already know is that Microsoft is looking forward to redesigning the iconic Start menu and redesign the entire look with rounded corners. Microsoft has already been pushing out updates for Windows 10 Photos app, Windows Calendar, Windows Maps, Movies & TV, Sticky Notes, and even Calculator, all of which came out with rounded corners in the new UI update. 

The change isn’t going to be major but these subtle changes can easily be noticed by a Windows user. Microsoft already promised on giving rounded corners for default control styles in XAML apps last year and the same will be common now across all the apps that are built in the Windows 10 operating system. The company has already been working on WinUI, which will provide a major change in the interface for desktop and surface devices from the company. 

The new UI and rounded corner design are still under the testing phase and will take some time for Microsoft to totally implement it.

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