Microsoft Teams will add a new Cross-organizational collaboration feature next year

Microsoft Teams has been one of the primary video calling platforms ever since the pandemic hit the world. Infact, the platform has evolved a lot with the addition of millions of users worldwide. During the last two years, Microsoft Teams have been trying to add new features to the platforms which make it one of the best options for businesses, schools, and individuals. The features have been very effective especially for business users who have been conducting daily calls over Teams and managing their business. 

However, one of the major limitations of Teams was that the users were unable to interact and share the data on Teams with people outside their organization, but that will not be the case anymore. Microsoft Teams is finally coming with an update that will allow the business to work together with people outside the organizations through the online collaboration tool. Till now, the organizations had to use third-party applications for the same where they could bring customers, vendors, business partners, stakeholders, all on one platform to share the details and resources. 

It not only increased the complexity but was also difficult to manage as well. It is why Microsoft Teams is now working on a new feature that will bring all these functionalities to one place. Now, Microsoft Teams will connect through Azure Active Directory and use its capabilities to make cross-organizational collaboration a lot easier. The features will be available for preview next year where the teams of all the organizations will be visible on the screen and users will be able to schedule a shared channel meeting. It can also be used to create external collaborations with different organizations.


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