Microsoft Team coming up with lots of new features

Microsoft has been busy with the development of new features being added to its multiple products. Today, Microsoft has made yet another announcement where they added a new set of features to Team, including a feature that scales the meeting to 20,000 participants. The feature will be made available to all the users in the current week and is specially meant for the organization to connect multiple employees from the main office to the home office across location and time zones.

The feature can be accessed by initiating a one-on-one call and later adding a large group of colleagues to the platform. The feature will be a great addition for companies who would like to have a conference and large events virtually. Apart from this feature, many other features have been added to the Team. One such feature allows the employees to use phone numbers to make and receive calls with anyone, from both office and home. The feature will use the cloud-based phone system of the Team to connect people.

The list of features also adds a new team display, where dedicated Team devices will use the ambient touch screen, High-quality calls, and video and hands-free calls using Cortana. The Team will now also offer extended support for Skype for Business phones after 2023. The Team will continue to support core calling on SIP phones from Yealink, Cisco, Polycom. The support for SIP phones will be made available in 2021. Lastly, Microsoft will be offering a new range of Team phones with new features such as physical button, core calling, and high-quality audio.

The USB phones will have a dedicated Team button and out of the box usage. The device will be compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems for use, made available for sale in late 2020.


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