Microsoft Teams to get end-to-end encryption by March 2022

Microsoft Team is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used video calling software by both professional and educational institutions. Since it has a large user base that has expanded rapidly ever since the pandemic, the company has been trying to add more features to the platform to make it much more useful. Now, Microsoft Teams is all set to get a much-needed update that will protect all the calls and messages made through the platform.

Microsoft has recently announced that all the messages and calls on Microsoft Teams will now get end-to-end encryption. The new update is made to make the interactions on the platform much more secure and make it tough for hackers and fraudsters to access Microsoft Teams. User data privacy has been the topmost requirement in the last few years and this update will put Microsoft Teams on the right track. The company claims that the update will be added to the platform by March 2022 and once that happens, it would be an optional mode of real-time media collaboration where one-on-one calls would be encrypted.

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It has also been confirmed that the feature will be made available to all the Teams users on both mobile and Desktop. Therefore, users can also expect the update to come on both Android and iOS smartphones. Once updated, the users will be able to see an encryption indication on the upper left corner of the screen to indicate if calls are encrypted or not. However, a few features will not be available in end-to-end encryption, which are recording, live caption, call merge and transfer, etc.

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