Microsoft is trying to develop its own ARM-based chips for Surface PCs

Making one’s own chipset is one area where most of the companies are currently working on. With companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm, and Mediatek in the market, Apple also released their own M1 chipset which will be powering their Mac systems in the future and will be providing far better performance as well. Now, it has been reported that even Microsoft is designing their own ARM-based chipset for Surface PCs. Making their own chipset not only helps the company to have a better hardware spec but also provide better performance through their device. 

With more and more companies moving from Intel to their own chipset would leave a huge gap for Intel in the market. Especially, when Microsoft is one of their leading clients and most of the systems they develop work on the Intel chipset. As per the reports Microsoft is currently working to develop a server chip first, after which they will be exploring the possibility of creating the chipset for surface devices. 

Intel has a monopoly in the market when it comes to server chips, by Apple now moving towards M1 chipset and even Microsoft looking to create their own, it seems like Intel will be having hard days in the future. Microsoft has also worked with AMD and Qualcomm in the past for customer chips which were included in the Surface devices. It seems that Microsoft wants to move its reliance on the Intel chipset for their devices and explore further opportunities in the market.

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