Microsoft drive optimizer facing errors after May update, in reporting the correct status

Microsoft Windows 10 has been facing a lot of issues lately, recently the users of Windows 10 have reported an issue where they have not been able to update the operating systems automatically with updates. The updates do not install and keep crashing, leading to a restart.  No issues with 2004 driver optimizer has been reported for Windows 10 users. It seems that the issue started for users after they installed the May 2020 update, including one of the verified bugs that seems to affect the storage device as well.

The error has been noticed in Windows 10 that comes with a disk optimization tool, which automatically defragments the files to improve the efficiency of the hard drive. Now the tool is automatically optimized to function once a week. Once it is complete, the time in the “Last Run” column will update to 0 days since the last run. The users have now reported that ever since the update has been installed the Disk defragmenter has been behaving in a very odd way. The drive optimizer is now unable to report the right status as before and unable to report the last run status accurately.

For example, if you have run the optimization tools recently or the same day, it should show the last run column as zero days. The bug is making the system warn you about defragmenting the drives even when they have been recent. Microsoft is aware about the issue and has assured that it will be updated with a future patch or update. They have also confirmed that most of the issue in Windows 10 that has recently emerged has been due to the May 2020 update. 

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