New details leaked online for Microsoft Windows 11 operating system

It has been long knowing that Microsoft has been working on the next generation of Windows operating system called Windows 11. However, they have been able to keep all the details regarding it under the shelf. However, there have been recent leaks about the new operating system which provides a lot of details on the development and changes in the UI and structure. The leaks and screenshot were posted on Chinese site Baidu and show how the interface and start menu has similarities to the previous version of Windows. 

Microsoft has tried to make the menu a lot simpler and easier to use. It would also include quick shortcut buttons for the most commonly used function like Shutdown and Restart. The corners of Windows 11 are rounded instead of sharp and also bring back Windows Widgets into the action. The company has also added a new sound to the OS every time it boots. The size of the buttons has also been increasing and the windows can now be arranged as per the sections. 

The most important addition in Windows 11 will be the Windows App Store which allows developers to create new apps or addition to existing Microsoft apps. It will also offer more connectivity options with the latest generation Xbox gaming console. The company has not made any official announcement as to when the new generation Windows OS will be announced. However, the special Windows event on June 24, seems to be the time Microsoft can unveil the details about the same.


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