Microsoft Xbox Series X coming in November

Soon after the digital release of Playstation 5, consumers were expecting Microsoft to reveal information about the launch of Microsoft’s new gaming console. In its Xbox Game Showcase, Microsoft has seemingly confirmed that the gaming console will have a November launch. The answer came in response to the question by Bloomberg’s Dina Bass in an investor call yesterday.

As per the CFO of Microsoft, Amy Hood, the console was on track to be released in November. It doesn’t seem to be a surprise for Xbox users as the previous version of the gaming consoles was also released around the same time. However, the company is still sticking to its tagline of “Holiday 2020”, when it comes to releasing the new gaming console. Currently, Xbox Games Showcase is an ongoing event from Microsoft

The upcoming games and game developers’ studio will provide a lot of details about the ongoing projects, games, and Xbox exclusive. The company did mention that they will not be giving any information about the console in this event as it is completely dedicated to upcoming next-generation console games.

Satya Nadella has also confirmed that “Xbox Series X will launch this fall with the largest launch lineup for any console ever.“” It is expected that after the launch of the new gaming console in November, it will be available for pre-order, and the customer will get it by December. However, many other details will be revealed in the coming days through the Xbox Games Showcase, and the users are very excited about all the new gaming titles that will be launched.

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