Xbox Series S and Series X price revealed.

A few days back Microsoft finally announced their new budget gaming console Xbox Series S on their website with the launch expected on November 10. Now another confirmation from the company has provided accurate details regarding the pricing of both the series S and series X. The Xbox Series S is priced at Rs 34,990 while the Xbox Series X will cost Rs 49,990(in India). The cost was initially $299, which would have been around Rs22,000. However, adding up customs and local taxes have raised the price to Rs 34,990 for the S series. 

Microsoft will allow people to pre-order the gaming console from September 22, with the deliveries starting from November 10, the day when it will be officially released. The Xbox Series S gaming console is going to be completely digital and will not have a DVD drive along with it. Therefore, you will have to connect to the Xbox store and will have to download the games digitally to play them. You will be able to play the games on the console with a maximum resolution of 1440p with up to 120 FPS rates. 

With so much information available for the Xbox Series S due to a large number of leaks and rumors, we still do not have a lot of information about the next-generation Xbox series X. Microsoft claims that Xbox Series X is going to be a great combination of hardware and improved software which will make the gaming experience on the device much faster than before. 


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