Microsoft’s new Windows 10X modular operating system to launch next year.

We all know that Microsoft has been working on a new version of Windows which will bring a lot of new features and visual improvement to the Windows operating system. Although not all the details are confirmed many details are already out which describes the changes in the new Windows 10 modular OS, which will be launching next year. The version will be called Windows 10X and has currently been designed for only single-screen laptops. 

The OS was initially announced in October 2019 and was said to be first available on Surface Neo, which has also been delayed to next year. It was expected that the new modular version of the Windows OS will be available in the Beta stage to the users and then they will finally see the launch at the end of the year. However, since all the development of the OS has also been delayed due to the pandemic and other reasons, it seems that what users will get will be the final version next year. 

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For now, we know that the OS is based to run on a single and dual-screen system and even on devices without legacy components. The new user interface removes live tile support and will provide a new way to update the windows along with new icons. The Windows 10X will be first launched in single screen devices, after which it will be launched for dual-screen devices as well. Microsoft has also removed the virtualization technology from the internal builds of Windows 10X, which allowed Win32 apps to run smoother.

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