New Windows 10 updates, crashed Explorer, gives a black screen, and a lot more.

The last few months have not been as fluid for Windows 10 users as it should have been, and it all due to the Windows update. The last few updates in the OS has caused a lot of new problems for the users, making the overall experience tiresome. Now another such issue has been reported where the latest update for Windows 10 has caused the File Explorer to crash and cause a black screen. This is a serious issue for many Windows users and they have not been able to use the OS properly ever since. 

The bug was found in the Windows 10 October patch, which had a lot of issues like Blue Screen of Death, broken File Explorer, printer disconnection bug, and network issues. The Windows 10 KB4579311 update was supposed to be one of the more critical updates for the users as it was meant to provide a lot of optimization and performance improvements to the OS. However, it seems like the update has added a large number of problems for the user instead. Some of the common problems that the users are facing are Windows 10 Actions center stopping suddenly and the notifications getting delayed. 

Previously, there were problems with Windows 10 update that did not allow the Action Center to open, or provided a blank Action center. It’s also causing Explorer to be unresponsive after rebooting. For now, the only resolution to this is uninstalling the update manually from the Control Panel, until the issue is fixed by Microsoft

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