Minecraft Mods are being used by scammers to affect more than 1 million Android phones

When it comes to games, Minecraft is among the best and the most popular gaming titles in the world. The best part about playing Minecraft has been the mods that help the player to customize the game as per their choice and convenience. However, recent news and details have hinted that scammers might be using the same mods on the Minecraft game to scam the users. It has been noted that almost more than 1 million Android devices have been affected by these Minecraft mods. 

Scammers are taking advantage of the Minecraft sandbox video game’s wild success by developing Google Play apps that appear to be Minecraft mod packs, but instead, deliver abusive ads. Kaspersky has been able to find more than 20 such apps which were downloaded on these 1 million Android devices. Since the game has been built on Java, it becomes very easy for the third-party developers to create a compatible application and mod packs which would customize the gaming experience. 

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Currently, there are more than 15000 such mods available for my craft alone. Google Play has currently removed all malicious apps except five, which are Zone Modding Minecraft, Textures for Minecraft ACPE, Seeded for Minecraft ACPE, Mods for Minecraft ACPE, and Darcy Minecraft Mod. Although Google is still checking these mods for any such malicious codes, it is suggested that users should not install the mods currently. The users can also delete the mod from the game completely and it will not affect the device anymore.

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