Minecraft now allows you to play Doom on a PC with Windows 95

Minecraft is a game with unlimited imagination and creativity. You can build various things in it and create a world of your own. However, things never seem to stop for Minecraft, and now and then, it will add a new element to it, which makes the game even more engaging. As per the latest update to the game, a user can now build a real PC in the game and boot Windows 95 operating system.

Once you run the Windows 95, you can also play the popular “Doom” game on it. The update was added through a new Mod called the “VM Computers mod.” With this Mod you can create a computer using the parts of the satellite orbiting around the Minecraft world. The most engaging part is that it can boot not only Windows 95 but also many other operating systems.

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The Mod can be used with VirtualBox, which is a free and open-source virtual machine software. Within Minecraft, you place a PC case block and then use it to create virtual hard drives to install operating systems from ISO files. Since VM computer Mod experimented for a long time in the game, it also allows the users to play “Doom” games on the created PC.

Playing a classic game inside a game is a cool feature. It not only stops there; you can even play Minecraft on the same PC, which you have created in the game. Doesn’t it seem like inception, where the game is running inside another game? We might expect Minecraft to run more games inside the game-built PC.


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