Netflix offers new AI-powered feature which downloads Netflix recommendation automatically.

Netflix is currently focused on bringing more AI-powered features to their platform which makes suggestions, notifications, and other features on the app more user-friendly. Among those features, Netflix is all set to add a new feature where it will automatically download show recommendations and movies based on viewer history. The new feature is called Downloads for You and has been made available for users globally on Android smartphones. The feature will also be rolled out on iOS devices very soon. The feature will not be activated automatically and will require the users to opt-in. 

The feature can be activated from the downloads tab in the app and one needs to set up the space limit from 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB depending on the space you want the app to use. The more space, the more you will have Netflix recommendations downloaded. Some of the downloads might be limited due to licensing restrictions. The feature is a great addition for people who like watching the content on Netflix in offline mode. Netflix also offered a similar feature for Netflix users in 2018, which automatically deletes downloaded episodes after they’ve been watched. 

Netflix is currently working on many more features for viewers who like to watch the content in both offline and online mode. Similarly, they have been using AI technology to make their recommendation system a lot better, which would automatically suggest the users with new content when they are done watching the previous one. You can simply update the version of your Netflix app and the features will be available to use.


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