Netflix to soon release iOS games individually on App Store

When it comes to online games on smartphones and mobile devices, many companies have been trying to do so with games having console-quality graphics. Netflix has been trying to do something very similar for a long time now and finally, we might see some of those games very soon. A few months back companies like Google and Microsoft wanted to host their games on the Apple App store through their dedicated app.

However, since Apple wanted all the games to be individually hosted on the App Store while claiming the charges for each download, both Microsoft and Google denied their terms and decided not to host games on their platform. Now Netflix seems to be the first one among the competitors who will be accepting the terms of the App Store on iOS and will be launching each game individually. Netflix has recently announced that they will be launching their first mobile game worldwide on the iOS platform individually on the App Store.

Users will be able to launch the games using their Netflix app but they cannot be played on the same app itself. Users will be redirected to the App Store where they could download the game first and then launch the game from the Netflix app. Users with multiple devices running the same account will also be able to run these games. Most of the games that Netflix will release would require an internet connection to run, however, a few of them will also be available offline for them to play.

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