The new Amazfit Neo brings retro charm with great features and affordable price.

Amazfit has been offering good-looking smartwatches for a long time now and has definitely impressed the users with what they have made over the last few years. However, when it comes to the new Amazfit Neo, it is a very different offering to what they have provided before. The new Amazfit Neo is nimble and sits very comfortably between a smartwatch and a smart band. The smartphone does not offer a high-tech display or feature but has a great retro look to it which will definitely appeal to a large number of audiences. The smartwatch has been launched in India with a price tag of just Rs 2,499. 

The watch looks very similar to what you might have used when you were a kid. The same retro look and feel with the looks of a digital watch. It still carries the charm of digital numbers on the display and sounds when you press any button on the sides. You can even light it up like old digital watches to see the time.  The best thing about this smartwatch is that it has been designed for rugged use and you would not have to worry about scratches and other things while going out wearing this. 

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The watch is very light and does have a lot of functions to play with. The black and white display of the watch helps on saving battery and has a four hardware button on the watch sides for controlling all the functions. The always-on display looks good and has great outdoor visibility even in strong sunlight. The watch might look retro but it has the latest tech like PPG bio-tracking optical sensor for heart-rate monitoring round the clock. 

In addition to sleep monitoring and measuring including Rapid Eye Movement (REM), it will also track your short naps and Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) at this price range. The watch does lag on different sports modes but does offer tracking on walks, running, and cycling. The impressive part is the 28 days battery on a single charge. The watch is no doubt a combination of new technical features and retro looks, which is sure to win a lot of hearts.

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