A new and bizarre issue has been reported in the Playstation 5 dual sense controller

Out of the most bizarre and unique issues that users have faced while using their Playstation console and controller, the one that has come into the light currently is on the top of the list. As per the new issues a new problem is said to be emerging in the controller for Playstation 5 while you are wearing a watch. Some of the PlayStation 5 users have made complaints that while using the Dual Sense controller, they have found the device is somewhat magnetized. 

The issues have been specifically mentioned by people who were wearing a mechanical watch. The information has been mentioned on Reddit where a user name “Higuchi” gave the details about the reported issue. The post mentions that the Dual Sense controller might not harm your mechanical watch, the handheld device absolutely gives off a magnetic charge. The same issue was also confirmed by multiple PS5 users as well and confirmed that the issue is true. 

YouTube video

One of the Playstation users also confirmed that while comparing the DualSense to the DualShock 4, he found that the former has a much stronger charge than the latter. It does look that the charge from the controller is not as strong that it can create any damage, therefore, it will not affect your watch in any way. The issue is although very fascinating for the users and that the controller emits a small electromagnetic field is very surprising. It seems that features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are the reason for the same.


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