New changes in Firefox on Android makes installing add-ons easy

When it comes to using browsers on the smartphone, Google Chrome has been a popular choice for most of the users due to the ease and user interface. However, Mozilla Firefox has also been able to provide a great user experience for people who do not want to use Chrome. Mozilla is now trying to simplify its process even further to enhance the user experience on the smartphone. The company has simplified the process of finding and installing add-ons on the Android version of the Firefox browser.

With the new version of Firefox, named Firefox 85, users will be able to install extensions straight from the page. In the previous process, users had to go to Add-ons Manager to install the extensions they want, which was also a bit confusing for the users. With the launch of Firefox 85 on January 25, the company is expecting to simplify a lot of things in the browser. It will be the same date when the install buttons will go live on the add-ons website.

Mozilla has not expanded the list of addons by much and it still stays limited for the users. However, the company has emphasized that the new changes will be ensuring a good first experience and it has initially only had 10 curated extensions on the list. The company has confirmed that it will continue to work on the optimization process in the coming months for Firefox on Android and will introduce more experimental features as well.


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