New Huawei Eyewear II is soon to launch

Apart from many things that are not going Huawei‘s way, the company does not seem to stop under any condition from launching new and innovative products. The company is all set to launch a new smart glass which will be named the Huawei Eyewear II. It is the second generation of Huawei’s eyewear which is expected to come with a lot of new features and improvements. 

As per the leaked images and information, the eyewear is expected to be much more stylish in terms of looks and appearance and will be designed in a way that it suits almost all types of face sizes and shapes. The new Eyewear will also have a much better and upgraded smart assistant feature and will be reduced by 20grams in terms of weight. The design will have no specific hardware buttons and will have wireless charging through NFC. 

The phone will support IP67 and the build is expected to last for a long time with a durable body. As per the leaked image, the new generation of eyewear will be slimmer, lightweight, and smaller than the last year. The position of the USB-C charging port and functions buttons have also been changed on the shape of the pouch that holds the glasses. 

Currently, there is no information about the date and time of the launch and not much information has been released about the device. The only problem with the glasses is that it is not available worldwide for usage and now with the ban it does not seem that the new generation eyewear will be easily available.


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