New Microsoft Surface Pro X launched in India.

Microsoft Surface devices have been one of the tops of the line Windows devices in the market and they have a large fan following in the Indian market as well. The company has recently launched the all-new Microsoft Surface Pro X in India, which comes with web first experiences like the Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, Netflix, Spotify, and more. Microsoft claims that it is their thinnest and most connected 2-in-1 device in the Surface series of devices. The new device comes with 16GB RAM and 256GB LTE. The device will cost Rs 1,49,999 for this variant, while the one with 512GB LTE will cost around Rs 1, 78,999.

The device also includes the new configuration with next-generation custom processors in the device that will provide the best performance in the Surface device. It will also come with a new Platinum finish and new app experiences which would enhance the battery life and will give you long hours of work. Not only that, the enhanced battery life will be balanced with high performance. The company will also be bringing a lot of new software updates to the device in the future, which is further expected to enhance the user experience.

The device is perfect for people who need to be connected, productive, and creative at any time. The new Surface Pro devices are equipped with Microsoft SQ 2 processor which is supposed to be the fastest processor in its class. The most interesting feature in these devices will be the web’s first experience with multiple apps like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, Netflix, Spotify, and numbers increasing rapidly.

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