New Microsoft Windows bug, can hack into your printer

Cyber-crimes and hacking have become very prevalent and more such attacks and new vulnerabilities are being reported every day. Recently, a report from Bleeping Computer Website stated that there is a vulnerability or bug that could let the hacker hack your printer and the worse part is that there is no security patch developed for it. The new security flaw in the Windows operating system will give control of the printer to the hacker and also provide them the access to the private network.

The bug seems to be associated with the Windows Print Spooler, which managers the printing process. The bug was discovered by researchers of SafeBreach labs and is called CVE-2020-1048. As per them, a patch has already been patched for the same issue in May from Microsoft, but the patch still showed a loophole that could have been exploited and used by hackers. The hackers can simply create a Shadow File and pass it through Windows Print spooler to affect it. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and has assured that the fix for this will be released by August 11.

However, until then the users are exposed to this kind of bug. The company also confirmed that Microsoft Edge will be included in the recent updates, after which there ill no option to update or uninstall it as it will be a part of the Windows operating system. There doesn’t seem to be many cases that have been reported by the user for printers. However, the company with its update will make sure that such issues do not exist again.

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