Microsoft Edge browser crashing when keeping Google as the default search

Users of Microsoft Edge has reportedly claimed that the browser is crashing randomly while typing into the address bar. It was reported to Microsoft, which was found to be an issue with search engine default selection. The users who have Google set as the default search engine was facing this issue. Apart from that, no other user has reported the issue with Microsoft Edge.

It is believed that the issue is now resolved, and a temporary resolution has been provided to the users. The issue was reported yesterday at around 7 PM ET, where the Microsoft EDGE users on both Mac and Windows seems to have the crash issue. After four hours after the issue was reported, Microsoft resolved the issue through a workaround.

Since the issue occurred when the search engine was selected as Google, the users were told to change the default search engine to Microsoft Bing. The Microsoft team also provided another temporary solution where the user has to turn off search suggestion in edge://settings/search. “The Verge tested the solution,” and the problem seemed to be solved.

However, the Microsoft team does not inform the customers to revert any setting they changed as the crash issue has now been resolved. It is still unclear why the browser was crashing when Google was the default search engine. However, it seems to be a temporary issue as, before this, users were easily able to use Google with Microsoft EDGE with any crashes or vulnerabilities.


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