New OnePlus 9 details hit Twitter.

It has only been a few days since the OnePlus 8T has been launched in the global market, providing a massive performance boost over the last generation. Now the company is already working on their next-generation smartphone, the OnePlus 9. The details were leaked by one of the tipsters called Max J, who provided the side look of the new smartphone and the codename “Lemonade“. The image was shared on Twitter and the image shows the two sides of the device.

If we just look at the image, the design would be entirely different from what we have been observing till now in the OnePlus smartphone. It seems that the top and bottom will have sharp edges, while the sides of the phone will be curved in design. The image does not reveal a lot of details, as apart from the two sides, you will not be able to know anything else. The details are not entirely new as similar information was leaked out by XDA-developers a month back, where they confirmed that the company is working on new smartphones with codename lemonade, lemonadet, lemonadev, and lemonadep. 

From what the speculations are right now, we can expect the new OnePlus 9 next year with the new Snapdragon 875 chipset, which will be introduced by the end of this year. It should also support a much faster-charging technology with an OnePlus 9 and a 9 Pro model. The company is expected to release the new model in April next year with entirely new features.

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