OnePlus smartphones will not have the Facebook app as bloatware in the future.

When OnePlus officially launched its OnePlus 8 and Nord series earlier this year, they had a Facebook bloatware app pre-installed on the devices. However, it seems that OnePlus has stopped doing it now with OnePlus 8T. Earlier, the OnePlus users were happy about the addition of the Facebook app on the device as the app was properly integrated with the UI for additional functionality. However, now the app will not be a part of the device and the users will have to install it from the Play Store. 

The change was not taken positively by the users and they are really disappointed about the revelation. OnePlus has confirmed that in order to improve the user experience and keep the phone lighter, they have decided that they will be reducing the amount of pre-installed apps on their phones. It is why they have decided to remove Facebook from the list of the pre-installed app in the OnePlus 8T and all the other future phones from the company. As per them, the background services that the apps were using, led to a decrease in the performance of the phone, which impacted the user experience as well. 

Future phones from the company will only include pre-loaded apps like Google, OnePlus apps, and Netflix. As per the company, the decision has also been taken after the feedback that has been received from the users. The change will only be applicable to the OnePlus 8T and all the future phones. However, the users of OnePlus smartphones that have been launched previously are still stuck with the bloatware.

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