New Redmi Note 10 with Dimensity 820 chipset might soon launch in the market.

Although Xiaomi is currently focusing on their latest in the line of offering, the Redmi 9 series, they have already made sure that their upcoming series of Redmi 10 series is ready. The information has been given by the Leakster Digital Chat Station, where Redmi Note 10 was detected with benchmark results. The phone was found to be powered by the all-new Mediatek Dimensity 820 chipset. Another Redmi device is already in development which is known to be using the Density 720 chipset. The new Density series of Chipset will also bring the 5G technology to the Redmi Note series.

It is also expected that along with the Redmi Note 10, another variant called Redmi 10 can be launched.  The company could also launch a Redmi Note 10 or Redmi Note 10 Pro. The company has already launched a new phone in China which is named the Redmi 10X 5G, therefore, one can expect a lot of the same features to be brought into these models. Mediatek Dimensity series seems to be taking charge this year with the new 5G chips and Redmi seems to be helping it in doing so. 

There is also news that Xiaomi, apart from its sub-brand Redmi, can use the Density chipset in other sub-brands as well. However, no such details have been leaked about any such device. However, it seems that both Mediatek and Xiaomi are going forward, which seems to be a mutually beneficial relationship between the two.


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