New shortcut on Google Messages reroutes RCS messages to SMS

Google has recently rolled out a new update and feature which helps users to immediately reroute the RCS message to send via the messaging app. The problem with RCS messages is that when the message is unable to send, it takes a while before the message goes to the server and then fallbacks to the phone informing the user that the message sending failed. Once it does, the user will be able to send the message through the messaging app. however, the process in between takes a long time. 

Now as per the new update, The user will not have to wait for the fallback procedure and can instantly send the RCS messages through the messages. The feature has been pointed out by Android Police, where sending the RCS message becomes much easier and will only take a second or two for the user. As soon as the user tries to send the RCS message through Google message, tapping will give users two options. The first option for the user will be to reroute the message to SMS and the second would be to cancel the sending process and delete the message altogether. 

Now if the user selects the first option the message will be sent immediately. The feature has been live from the past few releases and was unnoticed by all the users. The feature is much more efficient and faster for users who had to face a lot of delays while sending RCS messages through Google messages. 

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