Nokia launches two KaiOS enabled Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000, with 4G support.

When it comes to Nokia, they have been most popular around the world for their feature phones, which are sturdy, strong, and easy to use. When it comes to affordable and cheaper phones, Nokia feature phones definitely stand out and are preferred over all the other brands. Nokia has been using KaiOS for a long time now and has over 700 apps for Nokia phones running on that OS. Now, Nokia has launched two new handsets in the market, called the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000.

Both the phones are based on the traditional candy bar design and have been priced at just €49. The phone is not only basic in design but provides almost all kinds of modern features. The new phones deliver a 4G connection with hotspot capabilities. Also, it supports apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook. At €49, Nokia 6300 4G is a simple and affordable phone with a plastic frame and small display with a D-pad. Both the phones have a T-9 keypad at the bottom as well.

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When it comes to Nokia 8000 4G, the phone is a lot flashier and premium looking. It comes in colors like Onyx, Opal, Citrine, and Topaz and has a 2.8-inch display and a 3D-curved keypad. The phones have been priced at €79 and both the devices are now available in Europe. Both the phones are soon expected to be launched in other markets as well and will definitely provide a great choice for candy bar style phone lovers.

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