Realme X7 series to launch in the Indian market in 2021.

Realme has now started focusing on bringing new 5G feature-rich smartphones to the Indian market, and in the same attempt, we can soon see Realme X7 in the year 2021. Realme has recently teased the arrival of the X7 series in the country through its official Twitter channel. However, the phone will not be coming any earlier than 2021, so there is still some wait for Realme fans to do. The details were shared by CEO Madhav Sheth who revealed and confirmed that the phone will come into the Indian market in 2021. 

A few days back  CEO Madhav Sheth was asked about Mediatek chipsets being used in their future smartphone. In return, he also asked people for an opinion on Realme X7 and Realme X7 Pro being powered by Dimensity 800U and Dimensity 1000+. Although the company is making plans to bring the new generation 5G ready phones in the market, India still does not have the 5G network currently operable. 

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It is expected that the 5G technology will hit the doors of the Indian smartphone market by next year, and this is when Realme is going to launch its 5G smartphones with high-range Mediatek chipsets. Although there is no confirmation as to when and which month of 2021 will be selected for the launch, it is expected that the phone could launch by the end of January or February. Now all that is left to do is to wait for the new series of X7 phones which will mark a new era for Realme 5G phones.

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