The One UI 3.1 update for Galaxy S20 FE has been pulled out due to reported bugs

Samsung recently pushed the One UI 3.1 update for the Galaxy S20 FE which was launched last year. However, only a few hours after the update was released the smartphone owners are unable to find it. The update does not seem to be available anymore for the Galaxy S20 FE. A similar issue happened last month with the Galaxy S10 One UI 3.0 update, where the update was pulled out hours after it was announced. 

Samsung has not released any kind of official statement on the same but it is expected that the update had various kinds of performance issues after it was installed. Some of the most common issues that were observed from the users around Europe were unreliable SMS notification, slow down, and battery drainage. It also seems that the update that was made available was currently only limited to European countries and the issue also seems to be reported from the same area as well. 

It seems that Samsung will soon address the issue and will make another update go live for all the eligible devices. It is not only Samsung, but similar issues have been observed with smartphones from Mi, Apple, and more where the updates did bring in a lot of new bugs on the smartphone due to which the update had to be pulled back. We can hope that Samsung will soon resolve the issue users have been facing in the update soon and that we will be able to see another update in a couple of days.


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