Apple’s iCloud Sign-In activation issue has now been resolved

Recently many Apple users were facing the issue where they were able to set up a new Apple device using their iCloud id. The issue with iCloud activation has been happening with a lot of users globally and Apple has not confirmed the actual reason behind it. However, Apple has now confirmed that the issue has finally been resolved, just 36 hours after the first case was reported. The issue seems to start on December 25, at 4:45 AM ET. The issue appeared to have affected multiple Apple devices that needed iCloud setup and sign in. 

As per the complaint from Apple users, they were unable to set up any new Apple device using the same iCloud account and since the outage came on Christmas, many new devices that were purchased as gifts were unable to register the phone and use it after the setup. The company did provide an official tweet mentioning that “experiencing a high capacity at this time, which is impacting your ability to set up iCloud, please try back in a couple of hours.” 

A similar event also happened with Google a few days back where they suffered from a worldwide outage on their service including Youtube and Gmail. A day later, Google faced another outage on Gmail due to data migration and it seems that these issues have become a lot more prominent with the tech companies. If you are using an Apple device and were facing issues with the iCloud activation before, it will be working fine now.

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