OnePlus 7 series smartphone getting major update OxygenOS

The OnePlus 7 and 7T were launched as the flagship device from the company a couple of years back. Both these smartphones had a lot of bugs and software issues due to which users had to face many issues after purchasing them. However, most of these issues have already been fixed by the company through major updates and fixes. OnePlus has rolled out yet another update that would resolve almost every possible bug that has been discovered in the smartphone till now. 

The update OxygenOS not only optimizes the smartphone but will also bring in a lot of new improvements to the existing system. The phone gets the update including the Android security updates as well. Two major issues that the update will improve on are the battery consumption issue and the issue of heat management. Many users had complaints with their OnePlus 7 series smartphone that the battery used to drain very easily and the phone used to get very hot on the back panel during normal usage or while playing games. 

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Both the issues have been resolved in the new update, so if anyone has been facing similar issues, downloading and installing the updates will resolve it for them. Another issue in the phone has been fixed where the HD video was not being played on some video platform. The update also fixes the issues with the File Manager crash and also camera blurring issues. The new update brings in a lot more and will surely optimize and make the OnePlus 7 devices a lot better.


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