OnePlus devices now come with Facebook bloatware

Android phones are great when it comes to customization and a lot of features. However, the operating system does have a certain amount of flaws that does decrease the user experience. One of such issue is bloatware, which is added to the stock phone by smartphone manufacturers. Bloatware are company installed apps out of which only a few can be removed completely and some cannot. However, with time smartphone manufacturers did understand the problem and now the number of bloatware on smartphones has reduced by a lot.

Also, this bloatware now has an option to remove them completely from the phone. A similar situation is now faced by OnePlus smartphone users where it has been reported that the phone is coming with OxygenOS bloatware, which the smartphone company is doing with Facebook. The latest OnePlus 8 and Nord come with pre-installed Facebook app and associated background services. The customer now has to deal with the Facebook app and its background services which keep running and consuming resources.

Also, unlike other smartphones, the Facebook app is updating through the Facebook app manager service instead of the Google Play Store. This case is totally new for users as the Facebook app and services do consume a lot of RAM and resources which could bring a log in performance. When other OnePlus phones were checked it was found out that all come with apps and services from Facebook and are a part of Oxygen OS, rather than an individual app. As per the company, installing such apps in the phone before they are sold, helps in better battery performance.

However, such kinds of bloatware apps are not taken well by the consumers as first they keep consuming internet data in the background and since they are a part of the OS, they auto-update in the background and get access to information about the user without them knowing about it.


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