OnePlus and Oppo to integrate ColorOS and OxygenOS

We all know that OnePlus is now working under Oppo while keeping its unique identity. However, both the companies have been sharing technical specifications, design elements, and a lot more. Before the merger, both companies were using different OS skins, which were Color OS and Oxygen OS. However, it seems like both the companies have finally decided to merge both the skins into a new operating system for their smartphones. 

The details were confirmed by OnePlus Co-Founder and CEO and Oppo CPO Pete Lau in a forum. The new operating system would be first used in the OnePlus next flagship that has been planned for 2022. Also, OnePlus has confirmed that there will be no OnePlus 9T smartphone in their T series. As per the companies, integrating their skins will help them to combine the features of both the skins and will provide an upgrade to the overall user experience as well. They will be taking the fast and smooth experience of the Oxygen OS and will combine it with the rich and stable features of the ColorOS. 

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The new OS will also provide support of unlocked bootloaders on the smartphone and will also make sure that the user experience is cleaner and light in all areas. They will be integrating the skins by the time the next major update is ready for Android in 2022. The company has not revealed any technical details for the integration but it could possibly be first used in the OnePlus 10. OnePlus is currently also working on multiple new hardware to bring a huge offering to customers at different price points.


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