OnePlus Co-founder Carl Pei leaves the company quietly.

OnePlus is one of the biggest smartphone companies in the world and a recent announcement from the company has shocked the OnePlus fans. The Co-Founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei has suddenly left the company and it is expected that the reason behind doing this was to start a new company that has not been named yet. When OnePlus started, it came out as a flagship killer, as it provided premium specs without the hefty price tag. However, with time, the company has created a new feature-packed smartphone with almost the same kind of pricing as regular flagships. 

Carl Pei had a major role in how OnePlus started and how it reached the height and success it has now. However, his role was not in the picture from the last few years, until he was seen launching the OnePlus Nord smartphone. As per the sources, there were two teams in the OnePlus company, one wanted to make an affordable smartphone like Nord a reality, while the other team did not want a budget lineup as they were finally gaining traction with carriers. Also, OnePlus did not announce the parting of its Co-Founder which does not seem right at all, which suggests that parting might have not been the best option. 

Also, many documents were leaked on Reddit, which belong to OnePlus and had the name of Pei missing from the management. The company has chosen to remain silent, which shows that there were a lot of issues internally. No matter what, the Nord lineup is now being handled by the head of India Operations and Carl Pei is looking to bring out a new venture for users.

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