OnePlus launched a new OnePlus Notes app on Google Playstore with early access.

Apart from making smartphones and working on a new budget smartphone entry, the company OnePlus has now launched its OnePlus Notes apps on the Google Play Store with early access. It will be a standalone application for OnePlus smartphones and has been designed using the OxygenOS 11 theme. The app is provided as early access which means that it still has many things that could be improved and it is definitely not the final version. However, the app will provide you a glimpse of Android 11 even before it is available on the OnePlus smartphones. 

The listing on Playstore has been available for a few days now and was first detected by XDA developers. As per them, the new Notes app is much easier to use and manage notes. The feature to manage the notes has become much simpler for the user and the new app actually focuses on one hand usability and reachability. The app is also provided in the OxygenOS 11 open bet for OnePlus 8 devices. If you own an OnePlus smartphone, then you can simply go to the Google Play Store and install the app to have a taste of Android 11 through this app. 

However, since it is still not complete, users might have to face some issues, therefore, make sure to backup all the notes you add to this app, in case you face a major issue.  With the all-new and redesigned Notes app, it is expected that OnePlus might provide more such an improved and upgraded version of the apps in the future.

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