OnePlus Nord N10 5G and the Nord N100 will only be updated till Android 11.

OnePlus has recently launched their new devices in the European market with the name Nord N10 5G and the Nord N100. When it comes to OnePlus, these are one of the first line smartphones to come under the affordable budget category, while the company has always offered premium smartphones. However, the recent experience of the customers with the same phone has not been so great, and are facing many issues while updating them. 

While the OnePlus fans were waiting for the company to respond and work on a solution, another news leaked out confirming that both the smartphones will only be updated to Android 11, after which it will not be updated any longer. Both the devices are currently running on Android 10 and as per the updates that the company promises, the phones could have been updated to Android 12 or 13. However, it has now been confirmed that OnePlus will only be making one major update for both these smartphones, which would also be the last one. 

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The company has been releasing more smartphones in the last few years after the OnePlus 7 than it was doing before. Therefore, they get a lot less time to beta test on new OS and updates for the phone. The information is very disappointing for both the OnePlus fans and also the customers who have purchased the phone, as the company will only look after the smartphone software for one year and once that happens, the phone will not receive any major update. 

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