Mi A3 get second Android 11 update with bugs resolved

Yesterday it was reported that all the Mi A3 smartphone users in Indian were facing issues where the phone got bricked after updating it to Android 11 OS. Xiaomi acknowledged the issue and told the customers to get their phones to the authorized service centers so that it can be fixed for free. However, at that time there was no information on whether the data on the phone will be affected by the repair, and when will the stable update be launched again. 

Since then the company halted the buggy Android 11 update for any user with Mi A3 smartphones. Now the company has released a new Android 11 update for the smartphone and this time, the new update seems to have resolved the issue in the previous buggy update. The new update comes with version number in India. and the release was rolled out on Tuesday night, while at the same time it was also reported by users on Twitter. The update is 1.40GB in size and includes the security patch for December 2020 as well. 

The fresh update has been downloaded by many users till now and no issues have been reported in the phone yet, apart from the slow charging time after installing the new software version. A few users have also mentioned that the new update does not have WiFi calling support. For now, Xiaomi has not acknowledged any of these issues and it seems that these minor issues only exist in very few phones for now.


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